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Name:Tyler Lockwood || The Vampire Diaries
Klaus can't be killed. I can't be fixed. Understand that I'm okay with it.

Tyler Lockwood is a Hybrid who plays for the Mystic Falls High School football team. He was originally a Werewolf until being successfully sired into a Hybrid by Klaus.

He is the son of Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood, and nephew of Mason Lockwood. He was portrayed to be arrogant, selfish and a bully, but after triggering the family curse that turned him into a werewolf, he has learned to tone down his behavior. Before this revelation, he was referred to many times as a "dick," by both Matt and Jeremy. He is shown to have an athletic build, and great strength as a human. He also has a short temper and becomes angry very easily. He didn't understand why he behaved the way he did, until Mason (His Uncle) came to visit after Mayor Lockwood's death.

After discovering that his family carried the wolf gene, Tyler was scared to become a werewolf himself and his fears came true when he accidentally killed Sarah and triggered the curse. Caroline Forbes, a vampire who wasn't his friend, offered her support to him, helping him through his first transformation and preparation for his new life. Tyler eventually fell for Caroline, but questioned their relationship when Jules, another werewolf and Mason's friend, told him that Caroline and two other vampires, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, killed Mason. Finding out that this was true, Tyler felt betrayed and leaned towards the werewolf brethren. He hesitated to help Caroline when she and the Salvatores were at the brink of death, which hurt her, causing her cut off their friendship. He was the one who revealed Mason's plan to break the curse to Jules and her boyfriend Brady. He then helps them find the Moonstone and the doppelgänger: Elena.

Stefan reveals to Tyler that Jules and Brady had lied to him and that Elena would die in the ritual to break the curse. He releases Stefan who kills Brady before he can capture Elena during which time the rest of the pack is killed by Elijah. He then decides to leave town with Jules, the only survivor, with a promise that she wouldn't lie to him anymore.

After receiving a phone call from his mother telling him that she had an accident and was in the hospital, Tyler and Jules returned to Mystic Falls. They were both captured by Maddox and Greta Martin, witches working for Klaus, and were to be used in the sacrifice that would make Klaus a vampire/werewolf hybrid. Tyler and Caroline, who had also been captured for the sacrifice ritual, were rescued by Damon who was later bitten by Tyler during his transformation.

Tyler and Caroline eventually start a relationship, which becomes rocky when he becomes Klaus' first successful hybrid. His life made much easier with the transformation, Tyler becomes very respectful of Klaus, and tries to sabotage his friends' plotting against him.

[Muse and mun 18. Tyler is not mine he belongs to LJ Smith and The Vampire Diaries.]
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